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Friends of Maidenhead Waterways is a charity which exists to support and inform the Royal Borough's restoration of the town's formerly neglected waterways, for the benefit of the general public, wildlife and river users alike

As many Maidenhead residents can testify, before the restoration of the waterways Maidenhead town centre was bisected by two neglected ditches which were unsightly, smelly and often used as rubbish dumps. They were also prone to flooding and then drying out, which made them perilous for many forms of wildlife.

The restoration of Maidenhead's waterways really got going as an idea in the mid 2000s and, after proving technical feasibility, secured planning permission in 2012. The project is owned and managed by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, and this charity exists to support and inform that work, supplying data, know-how and volunteer manpower.

The restoration has been extremely complex, involving issues like hydrology, civil engineering and ecology. It has also been an integral part of the regeneration of Maidenhead.


The project has delivered a new green/blue corridor through the regenerating town centre, and the importance of this will increase as the population of the town centre grows, with the planned new residents mainly living in apartments with no gardens.

If you would like more information about the project, or volunteering, get in touch.

Winner - Canal and River Trust Living Waterways Awards 2019

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